Spring Maintenance Tips | Harlingen, TX

Spring Maintenance Tips | Bert Ogden Toyota | Harlingen, TX

Vehicles thrive on routine maintenance. You can schedule yours at Bert Ogden Toyota in Harlingen, Texas, and arrange for contactless options, including curbside service and at-home delivery, key drop-off, and car loaners and shuttles, in response to COVID-19.

In particular, each spring, you should consider the following maintenance tasks:

• Oil change and tire rotation: Check your owner’s manual to determine the mileage interval for the oil change. If it’s time, schedule an appointment with our team.
• Car wash and wax: If you drove anywhere with snow or road salt, it’s a good idea to wash all that away and put on a protective coat of wax as we head into spring.
• Check all exterior lights and your wiper blades: In preparation for spring thunderstorms, make sure all exterior lights are working properly and that your wiper blades aren’t leaving streaks.
• Test your AC: Before it gets too hot here in Texas, it’s a good idea to test out your air conditioning. Better to find out if it’s not working during a mild spring than a hot summer.
• Check your tires: Tires deflate when it’s cold out. As we head into warmer weather, make sure your tires didn’t lose too much pressure. Refill them as necessary.



For all your vehicle maintenance needs, contact Bert Ogden Toyota in Harlingen, Texas.