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Why Service Your Car at a Dealership | Harlingen, TX

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If your vehicle is having issues, should you take it to a dealership service center or your local mechanic? These are the reasons why you should service your vehicle at a dealership. When you're ready, reach out to the Bert Ogden Toyota Service team.


Certified Technicians

If you bring your vehicle into a dealership service center, you know you’re getting a technician that’s trained specifically on your vehicle make and model. Dealership technicians must be certified to operate on a certain make, which means we know the ins and outs of your car. Because of our training, you can consider Bert Ogden Toyota your trusted Toyota service experts. Toyota even pays for our technicians to have ongoing training, so their skills are up-to-date.


OEM Parts

When you bring your car into a dealership service center, the repairs will be completed using Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. These parts are exact replicas of the parts currently used in your car. Taking your vehicle to your local shop doesn’t guarantee the use of OEM parts, so your vehicle could have issues in the future because the parts don’t run as effectively as they should.



New vehicles come with a warranty that covers repairs in your vehicle over a specific amount of time. This warranty means you can bring your vehicle to the dealership to be fixed and you will pay might not have to pay to have the repair done. Even if your car is outside its warranty, if your vehicle is repaired, the dealership will give you a warranty for your repair. That means if the fix doesn’t work, you can get the issue fixed again in the future free of charge.

When your vehicle needs repairs or maintenance, bring it to Bert Ogden Toyota, where you’ll get superior service.