Bert Ogden Toyota Coupons

Are you trying to save a little money when it comes to servicing your car in Harlingen? Take a look at these great car service and maintenance coupons. Keep your car and wallet happy at the same time! Just print one off and bring it in today!

Service Menu
Front Differential (most models) $149.95
Rear Differential (most models) $149.95
Transfer Case Service $129.95
Transmission Service (most models) $229.95
Power Steering Fluid Service $119.95
Coolant System Service $119.95
Fuel Induction Service $129.95
Brake Fluid Service $139.95
Battery Service $24.95
Battery Replacement $159.95
Throttle Body Service $89.95
Engine Crankcase Service $36.95
Tire Rotation $19.95
Tire Balance and Rotate $48.95
Engine Air Filter $34.95
Cabin Pollen & Dust Filter $39.95
2 Wheel Alignment $89.95
4 Wheel Alignment $99.95
Brake Job with Resurface of Rotors (per axle) $189.95
Brake Pad Replacement (no resurface) $119.95
Front Wiper Blades $38.95
Rear Wiper Blade $18.95
Spark Plug Replacement 4 Cylinder $189.95
Spark Plug Replacement 3.3 & 3.5L Cylinder $519.95
All other 6 Cylinder spark Plug Replacement $279.95
VB Spark Plug Replacement $299.95